We weren't kidding about the "weirdos" part.


Serina Chang, Dean Deng, & Cindy Liu ("Triumvirate"), co-founders

Friends, pianists, sushi-lovers: Triumvirate spawned the idea for ICMF at a Columbia Classical Performers concert. They 're excited to meet their talented, dedicated peers.


Jordan Lee, director of marketing

"Iā€™m excited to meet so many talented musicians from different universities all in one place!"

Kristin Qian headshot (1).jpg

Kristin Qian, Princeton ambassador

"I'm most looking forward to kicking off the inaugural ICMF and seeing musicians from different universities come together for a fantastic weekend of music-making!"


Qian Yang, Williams ambassador

"I'm excited to integrate Williams musicians into ICMF and provide opportunities for Williams chamber musicians."

nay nay.jpg

Nathan dos Santos, Columbia ambassador

"ICMF has already shown itself to be an innovative force in the world of student-organized classical performance. I'm ready to see it build upon its success!"

john gibson headsht.jpg

John Gibson, Princeton ambassador

"What I'm most excited about with ICMF isn't actually the festival itself, but rather the ways in which groups will rehearse and think about music differently as a result of their experience. The jam-packed weekend is sure to give everyone a lot to reflect on, and I can't wait to see how groups take what they learn back to their home institutions."